10 Mobile Service Trucks Throughout California - Central Coast - SoCal - Pomona - Whittier - NorCal - Livermore - Turlock

  • Engine Air Precleaners

    Whether it's a repair or complete installation, we've got the parts you need. We are a dealer with Sy-Klone International.


  • Air Conditioning

    From complete units to compressors all the way down to o-rings, we've got it. We work with several suppliers to ensure that we have access to the parts for your specific air conditioning application.


  • Fire Suppression

    Whether it's a re-charge, repair, or complete installation, we've got the parts you need to keep your valuable equipment protected. Although we specialize in Amerex, we stock parts for all major makes of vehicle fire suppression systems.


  • Rear Vision Cameras

    We've worked with other suppliers, but we've found that Pro-Vision provides the best rear-vision camera solutions available. Pro-Vision offers more mounting and viewing options than any other camera system we've carried. The cameras are rugged, the displays provide great detail, and we've got them all in stock.


Welcome to NVB Equipment

Welcome to NVB Equipment. We are the premiere service and parts dealer for air conditioning and fire supression systems for vehicles on the west coast.